Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer BBQ

Last saturday night we had a BBQ with our newly married group from church. We all went out to our leaders house and played yard games, watched his son's BMW roll down the hill into a tree, have a great grilled out meal, watched a tornado form, and played games by candlelight during a power outage. It was a pretty exciting evening!!!

It had stormed earlier that day, but luckily it had passed in time for us to arrive at the BBQ and get some yard games in.
yard games

You can see Frodo their dog in the picture. He enjoyed playing the games with us. He became part of the game during Bocci ball... moving some balls closer and some farther away. And boy does he love fetch!!! He could play fetch for DAYS!

After games we got dinner ready. I had made an aisan cabbage salad with our CSA cabbage. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with that head of cabbage but this salad actually turned out really good!
CSA Salad

Then as we were putting away dinner it began to sprinkle. And the clouds started moving in FAST!
storm clouds

You can see in this next photo that the clouds began to twist in the middle
storm clouds 2

These were all taken short moments apart, this was the last picture I took before going inside and everyone heading downstairs
storm clouds 3

About two minutes after everyone making it downstairs the electricity went out. We then played games by candlelight - just like the olden days :-P
games by candlelight games by candlelight rachael

Even after all that I got to capture a pretty amazing sunset!

The calm after the storm:
336 sunset

Happy Summer!

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