Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 46

I'm a little behind with getting these posted. Only a few weeks left of my project and I'm still going strong!!!! Here's Week 46 from the end of June/beginning of July.
Week 46 blogsize

#316: Hilton Gallery Show: Had to get some shots of the sign out front for scrap-booking purposes :-)

#317: Kyle's New Bike: Kyle got a new job, which happens to be a short 3 mile bike ride away... so he got a new bike! He is pretty excited to start in a few days!

#318: Passports; Canada Here We Come: We're taking backpacking trip up north and going to go across the border one of the days. Can't forget our passports!

#319: Wall Space: I was getting some input from my 409 friends online about where I was wanting to hang a new wedding canvas I was about to order. Luckily I took this photo because it ended up being the only one of the day... yeah it's a sucky photo. oh well.

#320: Friendly Chipmunk: This little guy was so friendly and came right up to us as soon as we settled into camp. He was hungry and looking around for food. He actually visited us each night the whole three nights we were there. Harpo had fun chasing him!

#321: George Crosby Manitou State Park: We went backpacking here for the fourth of July weekend. This day we were hiking around the state park. It was beautiful down near the river and cascades.

#322: Thunder Bay: We took a quick drive up to Canada one of our camping days and explored the 'not so impressive' town of Thunder Bay.

Happy Summer!

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