Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 47

Here's the next week. If I can get this week posted on time this weekend I will be caught up :-) (but I don't see that happening since today is my only task day for a while)
Week 47 blogsize

#323: Harpo Waiting: This was our last day of camping, we loaded up the packs early in the morning to head out and have breakfast at a little restaurant down the road. Harpo was ready to go as well, he had a fun but exhausting weekend!

#324: Newborn Shoot: I had a newborn shoot this day and had so much fun shooting this little peanut. He was such a cutie and so sleepy, which helps a ton when trying to take pictures :-)

#325: Peanuts!: My Peanut Hunt picks up right where I left off. I hadn't found many over the winter, which I took a break since I didn't want to capture any snow covered peanuts. I had this place on my list to check and was surprised to find four when I showed up!

#326: Broken Cup: This was not a good day. I dropped my beloved ceramic starbucks cup!!! I had it for a few weeks and would drink my morning tea out of it. I loved it because it looked like a paper cup, but it was ceramic. I did end up replacing it the next day and I will be more careful to not drop this one.

#327: CSA Box #2: We picked up our second CSA box!!! We had to move some weeks around since we were out of town last week when we were suppose to get our second box. Lots of fresh goodies!

#328: Minneapolis Night: I had been wanting to shoot downtown Minneapolis at night for quite some time. My friend Jill, Kyle (our bouncer) and I went down to 24th pedestrian bridge and had a nice half hour of shooting. I love it! This is probably one of my favorite things to shoot. It's evening, I have my tripod, my remote shutter release, and the city skyline in front of me... ahhh the life :-)

#329: Chipotle: The sun made the sky glow as it set, I wasn't really in a good spot to get any sunset pictures, but I did get to capture our favorite place to eat as we drove home from the movies.

Happy Summer!

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