Friday, July 23, 2010

New Doors! (#3)

Well you saw him installing door number 3 in my early post, but here it is again:
front install

Here are the old photos of our front door... which was hideously flaky and sunburnt:
front old outside open
front old outside closed front old inside open front old inside closed

And the NEW beautiful door!!
front new  outside closed
front new inside open front new inside closed

Like I said we got the same storm door on the front as well. It's amazing how much light the new storm door lets in (as well as the little window on the inside door). I kept looking over while standing in the kitchen cuz it seemed like the front door was just wide open. Harpo can now see people walking by from the living room and rushes to the front of the house to bark at them, lol. He looks so cute standing in the door from outside!

Here's the house view
front old outside house view

front new outside house view

Next up, power wash the siding to get ride of the chalk around the old shutters :-)

Happy Summer!

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