Friday, July 23, 2010

New Doors!!!! (1&2)

We're getting new exterior doors installed (as I type this) the first two are finished and the installer is working on the last one - the front door.

But I figured while I'm waiting I could blog about the back door and the side door :-) It makes a WORLD of difference having new doors, they open so smoothly. And they *should* NOT be leaking air come winter time! SWEET no more shoving blankets at the base of the doors. And hopefully save some on our gas bill this winter!!

He first installed the back door. I took all our hardware off because I wanted to keep it. For what I dunno. Well our knob on the garage door broke, so I'm going to replace that with one of the old ones, and who knows maybe it'll be good to have some hardware for the future. You know those science projects that you might need to put a knob on a race cart... I dunno. It's a problem I have, I know this - I keep too much junk! LOL. But good to hear when he asked me if there was anything else on the doors I wanted to keep I said "what else is there?" he said "Oh you'd be surprised what people want to keep...?" Who knows. And besides is the hardware of the first house we've every owned... that's gotta be special for something, right?

Okay onto pictures, I know you're dying to see them :-P

Here is a run down of the old doors (the back two anyway - I'll leave the front door for it's very own post):
Back Door:
back old inside closed
back old inside open back old outside closed back old outside open

Side Door:
side old inside closed
side old inside open side old outside closed side old outside open

Isn't this craptastic?!
side old craptastic

So the install began...
back install

back craptastic
We had to buy a piece of wood, which they used here to replace the old rotted out part.

And... drum roll please.....
back new inside closed
back new inside open back new outside closed back new outside open


And the side door:
side new inside closed side new oustide

He is now working on the front door:
front instal

We also got two storm doors, they are both the same. One for the front door and one for the back door. They have the retractable screens:
retractable screen storm door half screen

And the screen will pull down half way. Harpo is going to LOVE being able to see out the front door (and back) but in the front he'll bark at everyone even more than he does through the window, snicker snicker

I'll post the front door as soon as he finishes :-)
Happy Summer!

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