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Road Trip to Canada, EH {Camping Trip Day 3}

-July 3, 2010-
Saturday morning we woke up and fixed a quick little breakfast. We had granola and milk (freeze dried). We heated the water for our coffee then began to heat the water for the granola mix.... then thinking about how it's weird we're having to warm up the water when it's suppose to be like a cold cereal... which caused us to read the directions again to see it read 'cold water' not hot. So breakfast was ready quicker than we thought :-)

We hiked out of the park and got to our car which we hadn't seen in over 24 hours. We brushed our teeth for the first time in that time as well. We had our tooth brushes at camp with us, but for some reason didn't bother brushing our teeth 'til then. Ahh it's amazing how much a clean mouth can make you feel refreshed. And the A/C in the car didn't hurt either. Harpo was SO excited to see the car as well!

We moseyed on north, taking our time and enjoying the sights. All the while keeping our eyes peeled for moose! We desperately wanted to see a moose. We stopped at an overlook:
overlook pull in off 61

daisy kyle overlook

And also stopped in Grand Portage to look around.
grand portage

Grand Portage is an Indian Reservation just south of the Canadian/US border. We got out and walked down by the river
lake superior daisy

And Kyle had to read the information sign. You can see Harpo tugging on his gentle leader nose strap.
GP Kyle harpo

GP Harpo

Then we made it to the Canadian border!
ontario sign

welcome to canada

We drove up to Thunder Bay... which really wasn't to exciting of a city. Pretty run down. But we did find a nice little park by the water to walk around at. And saw a REAL Canadian Goose, hee hee.
thunder bay

The park was still set up for their Canada Day Celebration a few days before... looks like someone didn't proof read their sign before sending it to the printer, lol.
tunder bay

We had lunch at a little place called Gargoyles. Since we were rather disappointed in the town of Thunder Bay, we went about 29 km west to a little place called Kakabeka Falls. Unfortunately they required you to pay for parking which was $5.25 something (Canadian money, which we didn't have) and since it was 33°C (92°F) we just decided to take turns, I ran down to the falls, got some pictures then went back to the air conditioned car and Kyle went to take a peek at the falls. They sure were pretty, but it sure was hot out!
kakabeka falls

We decided to take some back roads and eventually make our way to 61 and head back to the United States where it was cooler.
road sign

Shortly after we pulled back onto 61 we saw a sign for CHEESE!
cheese sign

We just had to go! Mind you we were in the middle of farm land and when we pulled up to this:
cheese farm

It wasn't really the 'Osceola Cheese' look I had envisioned. but they did have samples!
kyle cheese house

canada cheese

They even had a goat, who was trying to stay cool in the blazing canadian heat.
canada goat

We made it back to Minnesota and stopped in Grand Marais to walk around the cute little touristy town.
grand marais bay

We got some ice cream and stuck our feet in the water.
feet in water

On the way home we continued our moose hunt and began a purple flower hunt. Eventually we saw them far enough ahead and had time to slow down to pull over

We made it back to the park and loaded up for our hike into camp. We decided to take a different trail, which was a little longer, but offered a change of scenry
treking back to camp

It had a nice little overlook on the way
hump back trail

It was a wonderful feeling to arrive back at our camp
home sweet home

Since we were dripping in sweat from the trot in, we decided to head down to our watering hole to rinse off a bit. Harpo was pooped and rested on the rock, while
evening swim

I tried to stay clear of the gi-normous crawdad's waiting below the water for their dinner (my toes) lol. Kyle tried to inform me they would swim away when I touched the water, but I was still a little frightened :-P There's just something unsettling about swimming with this!

We got back to camp, fixed dinner, got our food up in the tree, and nestled in our tent for bed just before it started to down pour! God was good to us and held the rain off until we were 'ready' :-)

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SaraV said...

looks like you had a great time! I'm so jealous of your picture taking ability. :o)

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