Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have I been?

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately. I guess I just haven't really had anything exciting to blog about.

I've been knitting more lately, keeping up with my CSI's AND working on my photography business. Oh boy, I just said it... business.

It's been a lot of talk lately, business that is, between Kyle and I. And it's starting out slow, which is the best way to start I hear. There are a lot of pieces involved, which I guess I never really thought of until, well until I found out. I have been spending some time fixing up my photography blog, which is serving as my main website for now. Go ahead check it out if you'd like: daisyjane photography Once/If things get rolling I plan to have a 'real' website, not just this free blogger stuff... which btw I do love! But I hope to eventually have a photography website to showcase my business better. It just seems so funny to call it that since, well it's fun and I enjoy doing it.

But don't worry I won't neglect my daily blogging life... (haha as if there are actually people reading this) well that is if I ever get a life :-P but I'm sure as soon as spring arrives I'll have lots more exciting things to share. For now, it's just a snow covered, white world out there.

front of house snow b&w

Warm Wishes!

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