Thursday, February 25, 2010

It comes every year

It's the end of February...

everyone gets to be a little cranky. Maybe it's the lingering winter or that some people didn't have a valentine. I'm starting to think that they put Valentine's Day where they did because everyone gets a little depressed this time of year. I know, I know that has nothing to do with the REAL meaning of St. Valentine's Day But it's a thought, why else did they put a cheery holiday in this icy, sluggy, winter depression month.

boat in water heartland
We woke up to zero degrees yesterday.... it just dropped down out of no where. Personally I kinda liked it. I feel like the winter has gone by fast. Maybe it's my new love for a winter activity that I haven't got to do very much or the thought of not being able to do it once the snow is all gone. Or maybe it's that my head has been a little fuzzy the past few weeks since my husband has gone back to school.

Kyle started grad school a few weeks ago, wow it's been a month actually, and it almost feels like I've lost my best friend. Well okay NOT completely, there's still harpo - hee hee. We're just used to spending every minute together, focused on each other. We had a nice talk this weekend, ideas to make it better. Like only one social event a weekend and that we are going to designate one night just to us :-D that made me happier.

Speaking of Harpo, he is so funny! We captured him being a bum on the couch the other day....
sitting comfy

Of course he didn't sit like that on his own, we were playing around and he ended up like that and he stayed there. For quite a while too.
pot belly boy

I had a similar picture to those above when he was just a few months old. I'll have to scan it in because well, my computer crashed in 2007 and I lost 5 months of pictures. It was a horrible moment, very upsetting. But luckily I had made Harpo's scrap book before hand so I have a printed out copy of that picture I'm thinking of.
sleep by knee

He loves us, and we love him!

Warm Wishes and HAPPY February!

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Tish said...

I would say that Harpos photos are borderline pornographic. =)

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