Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 25

Week 25 blogsize

#169: Root Beer Floats: We bought some soda for our guests that came over Saturday night, we never buy soda. I'm really not a big soda drinker. I only drink Dr. Pepper (at the movies) and Root Beer. This night we made root beer floats, mmm they were good!

#170: Niece Knitting: I've been knitting away lately. I made a few hats for my nieces and I plan to make a hat for my first nephew that will arrive in June!!!

#171: Falling Sun: I was driving home, well heading to a yarn shop on the way home, and saw the sun quickly falling. I rushed around trying to find a good  place to stop and capture a photo but by the time I did the sun had already fallen past where I was wanting it at. Oh well. This shot was at a golf course, see the cross country tracks? :-)

#172: Ready for bed Harpo: I was laying in bed about 10:00 or so and realized I hadn't taken a picture!!!!!!  So I grabbed my camera phone and shot a few of Harpo... there was no way I was getting out of my warm bed to go take pictures :-)  And yes my dog sometimes sleeps under the covers with us, he's part human.

#173: Nighttime snow tree: This was another end of the day, heading to bed shot. It was snowing outside so I set up my tripod by the window and got some shots of the snow covered trees. The shutter speed on this one was 30 seconds.

#174: Winter Lamp Post: I was going to go for another photo walk, but didn't think to stick my boots in, so I ended up just driving around this park. 

#175: Harpo Sleeping: he's such a cute sleeper

Warm Wishes!

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