Monday, February 22, 2010

A little bit of Minnesota

My friend, Kim, was asking me all these random Minnesota trivia questions... and I realized, I don't really know that much about Minnesota. As far as all those random facts you learn in grade school. Which I never learned because well I was learning about Missouri :-)

So I thought I'd take some time to do a little research. I just love Wikipedia!

Capital: St. Paul
Okay I knew this one, since yes I have been to the state capital building

Nicknames: Land of 10,000 lakes, The Gopher State, Land of Sky-Blue Waters, Bread and Butter State, North Star State
I also knew these, well all except the last two

the loon

Bird: Common Loon
I actually thought of this, how could I have forgotten? My mom is always asking about them and they are also on our driver's licenses

Flower: Pink & white lady slipper
Okay what is this?

Tree: Red Pine aka Norway Pine

Population of the State: 5,266,214
Of the Twin Cities: 2,803,221 - largest metro
Of Minneapolis: 390,131 - largest city
Of my town- St. Louis Park: 44,126

Some other crazy state symbols:
Drink: Milk
Fish: Walleye
Fruit: Honeycrisp Apple - this doesn't surprise me as I had heard that the UofM invented this apple and people go nuts up here for these honeycrisp apples
Gemstone: Lake Superior agate
Muffin: Blueberry - I looove blueberries!
Mushroom: Murel - state's have a 'state mushroom'? interesting...
Sport: Ice Hockey - ::eye roll:: this doesn't surprise me
Song: "Hail! Minnesota"

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