Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 26

Week 26 blogsize

#176: Chicken in a Biskit: It had been FOREVER since I had had Chicken in a Biskit.. honestly they weren't as good as I remember them being as a child. But hey it was the super-bowl and we were entitled to eat junk. Although my stomach felt like crap that evening from eating bad.

#177: Snow boots: Living in Minnesota means having shovel snow a LOT in the winter. We got about 6 inches this day, and it was still falling as I was shoveling.

#178: Clock: I just couldn't think of anything to take a picture of this day and I knew I wanted some shapes to fit this weeks theme... so I settled for this clock we have on our bookshelf.

#179: On the move Harpo: I had some other photos for this day, but I couldn't NOT choose this one. It shows Harpo's personality so well when he's having fun! He loves running all over the living room, on the floor on the couch, on the floor, making circles, it's pretty funny.

#180: Lunch: Very exciting lunch this day, lol. I ran out of cheese singles for my normal turkey sandwich so I improvised and made a turkey 'wrap' with string cheese.

#181: Valentines Day Flowers: Kyle brought me home a lovely arrangement for valentines day!! I got to practice my old floral arranging skills, not sure how much I learned from those classes years ago.

#182: I had a maternity shoot this day. The trees were absolutely gorgeous this morning. The fog from the night before left a beautiful white coating of frost on everything. Great timing for a photo shoot.

Warm Wishes!

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