Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 27

Week 27 blogsize

#183: USA: Kyle and I spent our valentines day being lazy, going out to eat at a local hole in the wall and GROCERY SHOPPING! I couldn't pass up this photo op since the Olympics had just started. Nice job coca-cola or should I say Cub Foods stockers.

#184: Mmmmm Oreo's :-)

#185: Harpo has such beautiful eyelashes!

#186: Certificate paper: It's official! I registered my photography name with the state. In order to 'officially' make it official, I have to publish the certificate in two consecutive issues of my local newspaper, once I get it back from the secretary of state.

#187: Backyard Winter: This is a winter version of our backyard. I also love the sun rays beaming down and Harpo in the very corner of the frame, he's loyally always be my side.

#188: Flower: The flowers Kyle got me for Valentines day opened up nicely so I had to play around with them.

#189: Wabasha Eagle: I had an amazing morning with a meetup group (Twin Cities Photography group). We went to Red Wing and Wabasha to capture the eagles. I was lucky enough to notice this guy on my way out, this ended up being the closest shot I got. My first time shooting birds and it was super fun!

Warm Wishes!

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