Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Drive

173 another last minute
It's been snowing here lately, night and day. Oh how I love snow!!

The other day my mom sent me this funny email, it was a journal of a man that loved snow... it quickly changed as he experienced more and more snow, his lovely, carefree passion for it quickly faded into a strong hatred.  Me on the other hand, I really like it. It's our third winter here and I still love snow!

twin trees

I went on a photo 'drive' on my way home from work. I was going to walk around until I realized I didn't put any boots in my car and the snow would be up to my knees in some places. So I just grabbed my 'car lens' (aka: long focal length lens) and drove to a nearby park. Well it's a golf course actually. It was so pretty and white covered! So peaceful and serine. It's like winter just brings this calming effect over all those it encounters....

winter lamp stand

And then I came home and shoveled. :-P

Warm Wishes!

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