Thursday, February 18, 2010

Backyard Winter

I was talking to some friends today about gardening and plants. It made me very excited about spring... well about the fact that spring will be here someday, hopefully sooner than later. And I thought about how last spring was my FIRST spring as a homeowner and we got to learn all about gardening and planting things. I wasn't very happy that I didn't have much luck with the bulbs I planted the fall before, and even more upset that I had to wait a WHOLE year to get the chance to watch them come up again. But it's almost here, and I can't wait. I just hope my hydrangeas do better than last year, I'll be sure to water them this summer.

I thought I would get out and get some more pictures of all our snow. A lot of people (those that don't live in Minnesota, or have never visited Minnesota in the winter) don't understand that we have snow ALL winter long, it doesn't melt. It just piles on top of each snowfall, until about mid-March (if we're lucky) it melts away. Granted we do have a few days here and there starting February where it gets above freezing and slowly melts, but it never completely leaves until, well about April.

So here is the grand tour of my winter-fied backyard. Buckle your safety belts, it's a long tour, lol. Harpo has also incorporated this tour into a game "can you find me?"
backyard winter

We keep a path shoveled for harpo and I clean off the steps as well. Although I'm not sure why I try and keep the bottom step clean because it's lower than the snow line.
backyard winter steps

Harpo has a path going around the back yard in a circle.
backyard winter harpo path

Then he has a poop spot back by the side of the garage. Here he is probably saying "hey what are you doing in my poop spot?"
backyard winter harpo backpath

We don't have a gutter on the very backside of the add on room, so lots of icicles tend to form there. It's pretty cool standing in our living room looking at the window on a day like today when it's slowly melting and just watching the water trickle down the icicle.
backyard winter sunflare

I pull the patio table up close in hopes to provide Harpo a dry area to wait if he's needing back inside. It's proven to work and he uses it quite often. Here I am having him "stay" for the picture.
harpo's wait spot

I first caught him licking the table. He's a special dog, but we love him :-)
harpos wait lick

That concludes the backyard tour, whew it was lengthy huh?

Look at this cool ice sculpture formation that is being made on our porch
backyard winter ice sculpture

Pretty interesting how it does that.
backyard winter icicle

And in closing, I have one more bit of news to share
186 business certificate

I mailed my certificate to register my business name :-D

Warm Wishes!


Ali said...

Daisy Jane Photography!

I'd so book you.

Leslie said...

Many blessings to you as you start this new business adventure Daisy! I am excited to continue to see more of your beautiful photos!

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