Tuesday, September 5, 2023

William O'Brien State Park Hike

 Saturday July 1st, 2023 we set out for a hike at William O'Brien State Park. Kyle and I had hiked this many years ago, but we failed to write down the hiking club password. We brought the kids for some FFF (Forced Family Fun). There were smiles in the beginning: 

Lots of dragonflies starting off. 

It was a pretty long hike... it was about lunch time but we figured we'd hike first then eat our picnic lunch afterwards... only problem was I didn't account for the hike taking over two hours, oops. So everyone was VERY hungry and VERY grouchy by the end. But hey they survived 5.35 miles. 

We stopped in Stillwater on our way home. Kids wanted to hit teddy bear park but it wasn't as grand as they remembered it being. We also had some ice cream, of course. 

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