Sunday, June 28, 2009

William O'Brien State Park

Today we went hiking at another state park about an hour and fifteen minutes north east of our house. That's 3 state parks we've been to, we're camping at another one next weekend so after that we'll have 4 down and 62 to go :-) j/k we probably won't ever make it to ALL of them. But last year we purchased an annual parking pass (which we were camping for 3 days parking is $5 dollars a day for $25 for an annual pass) so we've definitely got our moneys out of it.

First off, Harpo L-O-V-E-S to have his head out the window! Here we are when we first got to the park (we weren't really going that fast so I was able to hang out a little to get a cute picture of him) it's really funny when we're going a little faster because his hair flies everywhere!!
harpo head out window

This state park is also along the St. Croix River (the last one we went to happen to be south of there about an hour):
st. croix river at william obrien state park

We first did a 1.6 mile walk that went along the river a bit and around the campsite areas, the most interesting thing we saw was a snapping turtle!

After that loop we got in our car and drove over to another parking lot area to hike the longer trails - away from the water. First we had lunch:
daisy kyle eating lunch

Then I captured some Harpo Bokeh!! (bokeh is a photography word I've found I just love, it's when the background is a little blurry)
harpo bokeh

Then we ventured through the prairie land, wet land area and through some wooded area. We ended up walking for four hours, totalling about 7.3 miles.
prairie trail
daisy holding harpo

Toward the end, every bench Harpo would spot he would go over to and try and lay down. I think he was trying to tell us he was tired and it was time to rest. We did sit down a little here and there, but not as often as he would have liked :-P Of course he crashed in the jeep on the way home. He'll sleep good tonight!!
harpo bench

And so will we!
self portrait

Good Night!!

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