Saturday, June 13, 2009

Workin' in the Yard

We did a lot of yard work today, mowed, weed-eat, swept the side walks, killed more ants. We also changed the light fixture that was on the back of the garage (facing the back of our house).

Here Kyle is taking the old one out. When we moved in the outer part was all busted on the ground and the bulb was busted. Last fall we went about bought a new light ($25!!) and put it in, it ended up being SUPER bright and we didn't like it. So we took the bulb back and just planned on changing out the fixture eventually. Well we picked one up the other day and today was the day! Although after getting the light off we realized we might need a junction box, ran to home depot (trying to make it back by noon for when a guy was coming to give us a quote about putting fencing up - we want to take down the fence that's cutting in the middle of the yard, to open up the yard and just put two sections up: one by the house w/ gate and one by the garage with double gate)

Okay so we made it back from home depot the fence guy was here, did that, then back to the light ended up NOT needing the junction box but we got it up!

Old Light:

New Light:

I also picked up some more fertilizer while at home depot and feed my hydrangeas which are looking MUCH better since having been watered :-) They almost died because I was afraid to 'over water them' like the tag warned me.... but I was in fact killing them. But now they look great and are growing fine. We also have 4 budding tomatoes popping up (lots of yellow flowers) but only 4 green balls that I can see so far! YIPEE it's so exciting! Can't wait to eat them!


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