Saturday, June 27, 2009

Museum, Sculpture Garden, Uptown, Lake Harriet

It rained this morning, so we got a little stir crazy this afternoon and decided to go to the Minnesota Institute of Art (the good art museum here)... well we arrived about 4:30 and they closed at 5:00 so we really didn't have much time there, we have been before so we were just going to wonder around. We did get to ride the cool old elevator though!
mn institute of art
kyle elevator
elevator phone

Then we headed to the sculpture garden since it was nice out and we were still looking for something to do.
kyle daisy sculpture garden

Here we are playing around with some of the art there and with the mirror I'm able to show off my new camera :-)
playing with the sculpture garden art
They recently re-painted the cherry so it is nice and red again! It was removed from about March to May. And now there is water that comes out of the top of the cherry stem... it was rather interesting. Not sure if that always happened and they just didn't have it on when we have been there in the past, or if it is new since the re-painting.
spoon and cherry

After the sculpture garden we went to uptown to grab a bit to eat and walked around there a bit. We didn't eat here, but this is one of the places we LOVE to go! Chino Latinos: (update... this is the second time I have miss spelled Latinos, lol)
chino latino

When I saw this bike I had a vision for a black and white with just the red showing... I like how it turned out :-)

uptown red bike

Kyle pointed this out
st louis mo basket bike uptown

After uptown we went and walked around Lake Harriet a bit. It's just south of Lake Calhoun (the one we run around) Harriet is a bit smaller, 2.7 miles I think. We didn't walk the whole thing. But we got some good sun set shots and got to see some ducks, geese, dragonflies, and even an otter (which was too fast for me to get a picture of).
lake harriet geese skyline
lake harriet cool sky on lake
lake harriet dragon flies

lake harriet sunset

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Rhiannon said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, my dear! Wow! See, you don't need any help--I should be asking YOU for advice! =)

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