Sunday, June 21, 2009

Golfing: Kate Haven

Happy FATHER'S Day!

We spent our father's day golfing =) After church we headed to Kate Haven Golf Course, which is a 9 hole Par 30 course about 30 miles north of us. We have a happenings book which has many coupons around the twin cities. There are quite a few golf coupons so we said this summer we're going to USE them!! There are quite a few of them south west of the city, but since we go to church up north a little ways we decided to stick our clubs in the car and hit a place after church. Here we are eating at this little family owned restaurant (which we had a coupon for in the Happenings book... SCORE!)

Kyle is saying "why do you keep taking pictures of me?" hee hee

So I let him take one of me too!

Here are some shots around the golf course.

It's a little course so we didn't bother calling ahead to reserve a tee time, but when we got there they had one available with these two other guys or we'd have to wait a while. Love their attire? I don't understand why we always follow the rules "boys in collard shirts" when everytime we show up somewhere there are people in cut off shorts and tank tops... oh well, it was fun.

We did alright considering that we haven't' played a round of golf in over a year and a half. We expected not to hit very well. We were both hitting decent except for the chipping and putting. Kyle did well and even got one par =) and there were only two balls lost (kyle's first ball he hit and one of mine).

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