Thursday, September 7, 2023

Last week of July

July 24 Isaac attended a basketball camp from 10-4. Tuesday of that week the other three and I went bowling. 


That afternoon we hit another Minneapolis pool to beat the heat. 

Wednesday night Mary had a lacrosse scrimmage. Her season was coming to an end that weekend. Emma's was as well. The boys' baseball was done at this point. 

Oh Isaac started a 3 week mountain biking camp on Wednesday evenings. I didn't get any photos because I didn't realize what the future held. 

I work Wednesdays but this week had picked up Thursday and Friday as well. Thursday we made a trip to the beach in the evening... something we didn't do enough of this summer. 

Friday morning I got up early and went for a run before going into work. So glad I did, looking back this was a REALLY heavy day. I took a lot of photos on my run. 

Got to work and the clouds were amazing. 

This was a hard day at work because I found out one of my FAVORITE nurses to work with was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has four kids just like me, and they are about the same age, we have good conversations and she is just the sweetest person!

That evening Mary had her first and second (of four) lacrosse games for the final State tournament. We went out to Maple Grove for her games. Kyle and I had a planned date night, but ended up canceling the sitter so we could all be there to support Mary. 


It was a late night, but fun. We made it home and Mary was getting into the bath while I took a phone call from my brother. My dad had been killed out on a motorcycle ride earlier that evening. He called about 9pm and it had happened about 6:45pm. He had 'failed to navigate' a turn - is what the report said. But now that we've seen his body, seen the scene we believe he had to have had a heart attack or stroke BEFORE the wreck happy, which is comforting to know he was in no pain. He was only 72. 

Here he is when he came to visit the girls on their birthday during covid. May of 2020

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