Tuesday, September 5, 2023

End of June Recap

June 19th, Monday:

June and July consisted of so much running around. Isaac was in baseball, Thomas was in baseball (Kyle was coaching his team), Mary was in lacrosse and Emma was in soccer. Above is Thomas at a soccer game when Kyle was traveling for work... made the running around crazier because it was just me getting everyone everywhere at the same time. 

On our way home that evening we saw this raccoon walking down the sidewalk... then he went RIGHT INTO THE SEWER! It was a shocking moment for us all and we all talk about it every time we're at this corner now, lol. Def turned into a core memory in our brains. (Spoiler alert just the other day we saw it happen again! just not in the same spot)


June 21st - 24th we signed up to be in charge of the school garden. We signed up for a few weeks over the summer, this was our first and Amy (who heads up the garden duties) came to give us the tour and let us plant some beans. 

Here is how my flower pot is doing back home. 

Thursday morning I set out for a bike ride. Was just going to go for an hour... ended up being longer than I had planned and the start of a hip flexor pain I'd battle the entire summer. Turns out my seat was too low (which I like it low but not the pain so guess I'll deal with it high). I am going to get professionally fitted mid-month. And spoiler alert finally got in to see a physical therapist who is also helping with a hip issue I was having PRIOR to this painful ride so hopefully by next summer I'll be back to giving it my all for triathlon training. 

That morning we went to see a show at the Hopkins Children's Theater; Stages. Girls were excited... boys were along for the ride :-) 

The girls and I made a trip to Claire's. Their first time there, they were excited@

New loot: 

Went for a run the following day and had SO MUCH pain from the previous day's run. :-( but found this four leaf clover reminding me it'll all be okay and I'm lucky to be where I am. 

Stopped by the garden to water and pick some goodies! 

Dinner date with my gal friends: June 25th

June 26th: Monday. Girls had gymnastics came all day this week so the boys and I got to spend some time together. We had a lunch date out to eat then a bike ride to Sebastian joes for ice cream. 

Monday night soccer: 

My regular Tuesday morning swim: 

Tuesday we biked to meet ups with Isaac's friend who came over for the day. 

Tuesday night lacrosse game while Isaac had a game and Kyle had Thomas at their teams BBQ. Mary waiting to go in and we're TIED! The girls had lost every game (still did til the end) but it was exciting to see them tied. 

Regular baseball season coming to a close (Isaac also did July ball but they got assigned new teams) So thankful for this team he was on, he got to reunite with an ol' buddy and make a lot more new friends. His love of baseball also grew three sizes this year. 

Isaac's last game: June 27th

Not quite Thomas's last game, he had a couple more into July.

Tired boy, still comes to sleep with us every once in a while. But it's rare enough I allow it to happen cuz I know it's not going to last forever. 
(although it happened last night, the night before he started 1st grade) :-) 

Girls' last day of gymnastics camp and I took the boys to the St. Louis Park water park. 

That night Kyle and I had a date night to the art museum for a book club tour. Rode our bikes :-) 

Friday the girls didn't have camp, so took them to the beach and got some open water swim time in. 


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