Thursday, September 7, 2023

Summer Weekend: Target Field

Camp finished Friday and I met up with a friend (former co-worker) who now does Mandala's for events and art awareness. She asked if I'd capture her art with my drone. Friday was a run through before the crowds on Saturday. 

Did a little family fishing Friday evening. Kyle had tried to teach the kids fishing with a lure... however they are still in the corn phase, they want that instant gratification... and using corn as bait is always a sure fire way to catch fish, lol. 

Saturday morning I had a brick workout (meaning you do two of the triathlon disciplines together). I went for a bike ride and then a run. Turns out my legs work better after a warm up on the bike, lol. And looking back I'm kicking myself for riding my bike with the seat too low cuz I know where it's gotten me now. :-( 

Then we headed over to the art fair to capture my friend's mandala and the crowd. She had two, one she'd completed earlier in the week in the back garden. Then the one out front she was doing that morning and throughout the day. She ads to it with the white paint that will stay for a week or so (not traffic paint but last longer than chalk) and she has attenders color in it with chalk the day of. 

I came back at the end of the day to capture the mandala finished, just before some rain came in: 

I made a little promo video for her: 

Isaac had a birthday party south of town and instead of driving him there and coming home we stayed and took the younger kids roller skating. The closest skating place is about a half hour from us so we utilized our time south to go. The girls love it, Thomas put up a bit of a fight at first but once he got the hang of it he enjoyed it as well. This place was SUPER hot inside, so Kyle and I just sat there and sweated for the most part. 

Sunday morning at 8am was a swim, run brick workout. I had a goal to swim across the lake on our bucket list and while I wasn't planning to actually do it that day, turns out I did! And I'm glad I did because this ended up being the only time I swam in the lake. Love my new wetsuit!! It gives me bouyancy making it a little easier to swim. 

the girls came along with me, adding to the total time this ordeal took. But they were my 'spotters' paddling on the paddle board beside me. There were a few other swimmers out as well as the park patrol. 


I came back home, then set out for my run. 

As a thank you for coaching GOTR we got free twin's tickets for that days game. It was a HOT one! They were giving out backpacks to kids so we wanted to be there early to get them since only the first few thousand would get one. So we arrived shortly after the stadium opened at 11am! (game was at 1:00) 

Made our way over to our seats, we lasted an inning (maybe 1.5) in the hot sun before needing to take a break. 

They were giving our section these cold neck things: 

And got some ice cream. We weren't planning to stay the whole game since we got there so early... but it actually started getting good at the end. We moved around a bit and watching in excitement as they went into extra innings. 12 total and WON 5-4. 

Since it was Sunday they let the kids run the bases after the game and since we were STILL there, lol we joined in. Crazy long day, but soaking in summer. 


(And NOW I realized we missed Twins day this year, which we have hit EVERY year! So this was our consolation) 

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