Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Father's Day Weekend Camping

 First weekend after schools out was Father's Day weekend and we went camping at St. Crouix State Park. On our way we stopped in at the Snake River Fur Post. It is a Minnesota Historical Society site. 


Then we headed to the state park. When we pulled in, we realized we'd already been here... oops. Back in 2018.  This was so long ago, haha almost 3 months that I don't exactly remember. The kids swam, the mosquitoes were BAD! So bad we weren't sure we were going to make it two nights. But we survived the first night. 

Lots of reading in hammock time and LOTS of bug spray. 

Breakfast the next morning. Isaac in his hoodie trying to keep the bugs away. 

Since we had hiked this park before we decided to drive to the next state park over so we could collect the hiking club password. This brought us to Banning State Park. 

The bugs were super bad here as well and poor Thomas seemed to get eat up the most, well at least his skin would show it. 

Beautiful scenery hiking but the BUGS! AHHHHH Kids were miserable. Heck we all were. Lunch at Banning before heading back to our campsite. 

We hit the tower and swimming beach before going back to camp. 

Walked down to the canoe launch which had less bugs. 

We made it our two nights and headed out first thing in the morning Sunday the 18th. 

Once home Kyle and I went out on the paddle boards while the kids watched a show. Had some adult time to finish off Father's Day. 

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