Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Mid-July Summer Fun

The week of July 10th, the three littles had camp at school in the morning. The girls did a biking camp and Thomas did a percussion camp. In the afternoon Isaac had flag football over at southwest High. There was a wade pool, so when we went back for pick up the little wore their swimsuits and did some 'swimming' in the 1 foot pool, lol. 

That evening Emma had soccer. Kyle and I divided and conquered. He took Mary to lacrosse and Isaac to his baseball game in Plymouth, while I had Thomas with me and we went to Emma's soccer game. 

Tuesday we got to see our first batch of tumbled rocks. Thomas got a rock tumbler for his birthday. This was the set that came with the tumbler so they're all fancy. This was just after the first of four phases:

The light rail construction by our house is taking forever, but the tunnel is done. I had to go investigate. 

July 12th Wednesday this time I took the boys: Thomas with me to Isaac's baseball while Kyle took the girls to their lacrosse and soccer (across town). 

On Thursday, July 13th I took the girls and a friend all the way over into St. Paul for a birthday party. While they were there Thomas and I hit the history museum. 

That evening Thomas had a baseball game. I think this was his second to last game. 

Friday morning bike ride for me.

And the girls had a sleepover, we made shrinky dinks! 

Later on Friday the girls and I got out on the paddle boards. 


Then that evening we went to see a movie!

Saturday morning Kyle and I went for a run together. We've turned a new page in life when we can start to workout again together. Kids are good in the morning and know we need our exercise :-) We did about 4 miles together then he went off to do another 4. I have a triathlon on August 26th and he has a half marathon on Sept 10th. 

Double day for us as we had a sitter that night and went to a concert at Target field! It was a concert fest so a few artists but the main event was Imagine Dragons. 

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