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New England Trip Day 1 & 2

We woke bright and early to head to the airport. The plan consisted of Kyle dropping Isaac and I off at the airport with our one bag to check, the car-seat to check, Isaac in a carrier on my back and my one personal item/carry on. He took the car to an offsite parking lot and brought along the rolly carry on and my camera bag. Packing for three wasn't as easy as when it was just Kyle and I. This was our first 'official' vacation, and Isaac's first time in an airport.

We made it through check in and security with no problem, picked up some coffee and a small bite to eat at the little shop and made our way to the play area in the Minneapolis Humphrey Terminal, not realizing how lucky we were to have a play area.
New England Trip-003

Here's Isaac in the 'airport shuttle'.
New England Trip-005

We weren't paying attention to the time and suddenly looked down thinking "they should be boarding by now". We made our way to the gate, not too far from where we were and sure enough everyone had already boarded except another little family with a couple kids so we made our way on. Kinda nice actually because we got to our seat and immediately started to pull away from the gate. It was a seamless flight shortly after we took off Isaac was out like a light.
New England Trip-008

Once we arrived at Logan International (in Boston) we got our bag and car seat and made our way to the shuttle to take us to our rental car. Found the rental car and headed north for Maine. The weather started out great, but before we got out of Boston it started raining on us....
New England Trip-012

It was lunch time but we were just an hour from a restaurant I was told about by a friend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So we just decided to get out of town and make it to the destination. We arrived in the cute little town of Portsmouth just after noon.
New England Trip-013

And ate at Porstmouth Brewery
New England Trip-014

We ordered the mussels as an appetizer as it appeared to be the hottest item on their menu.
New England Trip-015

Kyle had a fish sandwich and I got the fish and chips. It was amazing! Then we went for a walk around the little main street area, in.the.rain.
New England Trip-016

New England Trip-018

We got back on the road and headed up the shore into Maine. That's TWO new states added to my map. I really wanted to get Vermont in while we were up there, but it just wasn't going to happen. Another 3 hours in the car was not going to work for our little guy and there really wasn't a good time to squeeze that three hours in. So my New England map is almost complete, just need Vermont now (Kyle still needs Conneticut & Vermont).
New England Trip-020

We drove along the cost for a bit, trying to figure out what hotel to stay at. We originally wanted an ocean front room and I had done some research the week prior, but when our power went out the weekend before our trip all vacation planning got put on hold and well never got picked up again. So we were last minute looking for a place to stay. Once we decided just to stay at the town's Best Western which had good reviews (we are kinda anal about reading reviews especially about hotels) we were able to lollygag a little and sight see. We pulled off at one little spot so I could get some pictures.
New England Trip-021

New England Trip-022

Then pulled off at York Harbor beach and let Isaac get out and get his first taste of ocean. He loved it!
New England Trip-025

New England Trip-027

New England Trip-030

New England Trip-032

New England Trip-033

Then we headed to the hotel, checked in. Went for a quick little swim in their indoor pool. Nothing impressing but Isaac had fun, that's all that counts.
New England Trip-040

New England Trip-043

Then we went 3 miles down the road to Robert's Maine Grill (in Kittery, ME) for some Lobstah. Yum Yum. Our hotel clerk guy recommended this place.
New England Trip-053

New England Trip-052

New England Trip-051

Isaac had a yummy hot dog
New England Trip-050

The next day we got up and had the nice hot complimentary breakfast at the hotel and headed to the outlet malls that were across the street from where we had dinner the night before. We just wanted to hit a few shops for the fun of it. And later glad we did as the whole trip ended up being a little cooler than we'd planned and Kyle's new jeans came in handy.
New England Trip-054

After a little time at the outlets we went back to the Cape Neddick area/York Harbor. First driving out to the light house since Isaac was taking a nice little snooze in the car.
New England Trip-057

New England Trip-058

New England Trip-062

New England Trip-063

New England Trip-066

We left the point and drove back into Cape Neddick, got out and walked around for a little bit and had lunch.
New England Trip-069

Had lunch at a little place. The BEST Lobstah roll of the trip, yum yum!
New England Trip-070

Our plan was to head south to the Cape (my cousin's beach house) after lunch so Isaac could get a nap in while we drove. We left Maine
New England Trip-071

Went through New Hampshire again,
New England Trip-072

and back into Massachusetts.
New England Trip-074

As you can tell from the photos, not too sunny of a day. Pretty gloomy actually.
New England Trip-075

Made our way through Boston with just a little traffic. Pointing out some historic landmarks along the way. Bunker Hill:
New England Trip-077

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. Or as the locals call it: "The Zakim"
New England Trip-079

We made it to my cousin Patty's around 3 or so. It was so nice to see them again. Unfortunately two of her four kids weren't going to be there for the weekend, but it was still great to see the other two. I really enjoyed getting to know them when I lived in New York almost TEN years ago! They were my family away from family during that time, so it meant a lot that we were getting to visit and they were getting to meet Isaac!!

Cape Cod blog up next....

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