Sunday, July 14, 2013

New England Trip: Day 6 last day at the Cape.

Monday was our last full day in Hyannis. We woke with the birds again that morning, but it really wasn't until Tuesday morning that we realized it was the birds. I kept thinking it was just the light being so bright in the room we were sleeping in, but Tuesday morning it was pretty cloudy and almost dark. But hearing the birds gave it away that was the issue. Weird that they chirp from 5-5:30am EVERY morning. lol

So Monday we woke up and ran to the grocery store to grab a few things and we wanted to make Patty breakfast. Of course it rained on us, but we were getting used to it. We just hung out around the house that morning.
New England Trip-186

Then it was nap time, both the boys took a nap.
New England Trip-188

While they were sleeping Patty and I ran to Toys R Us because I wanted to get a stroller. We had a carrier for Isaac because I was wanting to travel with the least amount of stuff as possible... not thinking it would be nice to have one once we were there when we walked around. So we decided to just pick one up so we could have it for Providence the next day and for Boston. We also ran to the grocery store to get some lunch goodies. Patty was going to show me how she makes her stuffed Quahog and Lobster rolls! Yipee!
LIVE lobsters!
New England Trip-197

quahog's cooking
New England Trip-198

lobster's cooking
New England Trip-199

number 2 going in
New England Trip-201

New England Trip-191

New England Trip-192

Isaac loved playing with Yaya! He picked up on her name right away, which makes sense since she got her name because Katie (who is a year older) couldn't say Alexander when she was little.
New England Trip-190

While we got lunch ready, everyone played around and just hung out.
New England Trip-193

Playing football with cousin Anthony.
New England Trip-195

Patty making the stuffing for the quahog shells.
New England Trip-203

New England Trip-204

Kyle and I getting the lobster ready to shell for the lobster rolls.
New England Trip-205

New England Trip-207

New England Trip-210

New England Trip-211

Catching them having a great time in the living room.
New England Trip-209

And the rest are just photos from around Patty's. Her flowers
New England Trip-212

New England Trip-219

New England Trip-213

Ironic they live on Studly and their dog's name is Stud :-)
New England Trip-215

Turned around looking toward the ocean from her house.
New England Trip-216

New England Trip-218

View from Patty's roof top.
New England Trip-220

The next morning we got up and packed up the car, said our good bye's and headed over to Rhode Island to see Katie.

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