Sunday, July 14, 2013

New England Trip: Day 5 - Plymouth, MA (and more of the Cape)

Sunday morning we got up with the birds and headed out for an hour drive to Plymouth, MA. We had plans to meet some friends for brunch. I've been in touch with a group of gals for five years and three of them lived in the area so we had a lovely get together. Before our meet up we wanted to see some history, so we stopped a couple blocks from the restaurant to visit Plymouth Rock. Another cute little coastal town.
New England Trip-140

New England Trip-141

And the famous rock:
New England Trip-143

New England Trip-145

Isaac pointing out the water, just wanting to make sure we see it :-)
New England Trip-147

And making friends, he loves being social.
New England Trip-148

New England Trip-149

New England Trip-150

You can see the Mayflower 2 in the background. It's the small boat.
New England Trip-151

We didn't have brunch here, but I couldn't pass up a photo.
New England Trip-153 New England Trip-152

We did have brunch at a place called Persy's.
New England Trip-154

Isaac and his new friend Elijah:
New England Trip-156

Isaac napped for a little bit on the way back, but then Kyle took a nap with Stud once we'd arrived.
New England Trip-158

Isaac watched some TV and had some snacks. (Mom this photo is for you since you wanted to see Patty's house)
New England Trip-159

It was so cute that he took the pillow from the chair and made a little bed for himself.
New England Trip-160

New England Trip-161

Sunday early evening we got another trip to the beach in.
New England Trip-163

New England Trip-164

New England Trip-165

He looks a little tired, but still having fun!
New England Trip-168

New England Trip-169

New England Trip-170

New England Trip-172

New England Trip-173

New England Trip-176

New England Trip-178

New England Trip-179

New England Trip-182

New England Trip-183

New England Trip-184

Sunday evening our cousin Celine came into town on a bus from NYC!!!! It was so great to get to see her while we were visiting. She was only in town for a couple weeks so it was a fantastic coincidence. After we got Isaac to bed and Yaya's guy arrived we went out for ice cream.
New England Trip-185

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