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New England Trip: Day 7 (Rhode Island & Boston)

As I mentioned in the previous post, we got up Tuesday morning, loaded the rental car up and headed off the Cape to Providence, Rhode Island. I have been through RI before, but this was a new state for Kyle. Only about an hour from the cape, it was a pretty smooth drive.
New England Trip-223

We arrived at Katie's apartment and she gave us a little tour, then we went for a small driving tour through Providence
New England Trip-225

ending at her school: Providence College. We got out and got a little walking tour.
New England Trip-228

Katie apologized for there being so much construction going on around her campus, but there were no apologizes needed because Isaac LOVED it! We had to stop a few times to watch the trucks work. He was so excited!! Pointing with both fingers, it was so cute.
New England Trip-226

We hopped back in the car to head to the 'Little Italy' of Providence. Katie is fluent in Italian and is also dating a REAL Italian ;-) he lives in Italy now. It was a super cute little area and Isaac loved the water fountain. Here's our first attempt at getting a picture together:
New England Trip-229

Then we got him to at least sit with us. Saying "where's dada?" to get him to look at the camera.
New England Trip-230

Then saying "Where's Katie?" heehee
New England Trip-232

We had lunch at this amazing little place
New England Trip-234

and I had to try a latte, it was A.mazing!
New England Trip-233

And what did Isaac do as soon as we left the restaurant? Run to the fountain :)
New England Trip-236

We stopped in the little deli to look for some soprassata. Got to see a guy making sausage.
New England Trip-237

And I found THIS there:

Katie had one in her apartment. It's a stovetop espresso maker. Fun to use, I've been using it everyday since we got home. We are in the market for a 'real' espresso maker but this one is fun and cute, and we could even use it camping. Only wish I had it when the power went out, I could have made my latte's in the morning.

New England Trip-238

New England Trip-239

New England Trip-241

We ventured down to Roger Williams Park with the help of the hand of God because our GPS was being ridiculous! I had found that there was a park there online, made by Hasbro as they are based in Providence.
New England Trip-243

We let Isaac play around the park for a while and get nice and worn out.
New England Trip-245

The swings almost lulled him to sleep
New England Trip-247

New England Trip-249

New England Trip-250

New England Trip-251

There was even a CANDY LAND path!!!!!!!
New England Trip-252 New England Trip-253

Isaac giving Mr. Potato Head a high five:
New England Trip-254

New England Trip-255

We dropped Katie off at the mall for work, then headed on up to Boston for the evening. Only hitting a little bit of traffic on the out skirts of Boston.
New England Trip-256

New England Trip-257

Heading into that crazy tunnel again
New England Trip-258

Unfortunately Kyle was driving again, last time he said he was going to have me drive through it... but since I wasn't driving I got to take pictures :)
New England Trip-259

There are EXITS in the tunnel!
New England Trip-260

We learned on our tour the next day that this tunnel was set to be budgeted at 9 Billion dollars, but ended up costing 20 Billion!! It is called the Big Dig and took the highway that went through town and put it underground creating a great green space above (which our hotel was right by). This site has a lot of cool facts about it: The Big Dig Facts Figures

We had booked our hotel a few days earlier so that was nice to not have to worry about that. We were thinking if we could go straight to Fenway Park we could make it to their last tour of the day at 4:00 (since they had a game that night). But we didn't end up getting there early enough to get tickets and they were sold out. So we headed straight to the hotel after that, we were tired of being in the car at this point and Kyle needed get away from the city traffic.

We unloaded the car completely at the hotel, since we were flying out the next day it was our chance to get everything organized and put into the bags we had. Kyle dropped us off and took the car to the off-site parking ramp a block and a half away.
New England Trip-295

When we researched the hotel online it said it was out of all the king bed rooms with no view, but when we booked our room on the phone she said they had one. It was cheaper and we didn't care to have a view, since the 'view' was just of the atrium. And besides it ended up being nice because nothing woke Isaac up the next morning. Anyway here is our room:
New England Trip-292

New England Trip-293

(took this picture in the mirror so you could see the other side of the room)
New England Trip-294

Once we got our bags dropped off and feeling a little more settled we headed off for a walk around the city. The hotel was at State St. & Atlantic Ave so we were right in the middle of the city. Only a block from the Harbor.
New England Trip-263

New England Trip-264

Isaac liked riding over this cobblestone sidewalk.
New England Trip-265

We made a loop and ended up by Faneuil Hall.
New England Trip-268

and Quincy Market
New England Trip-269

I liked this building, reminded me of the Flat Iron building in NYC.
New England Trip-270

Old State House. (Isaac not liking to stop, every time we stopped he wanted out, but while we were on the move he was fine)
New England Trip-271

We continued on our own little walking tour on the Freedom Trail.
New England Trip-273

New England Trip-276

New England Trip-277

We stopped to watch some street performers, Isaac was very amused.
New England Trip-278 New England Trip-280

New England Trip-279

New England Trip-281 New England Trip-282

New England Trip-283

We then made our way through their 'Little Italy' on the search for garlic knots, which they only made on the weekend we found out. We didn't leave totally empty handed as we grabbed a couple beers to take back to the hotel.

We ended at a playground in Columbus Park. Isaac got to go to TWO playgrounds in TWO states all in the same day!!
New England Trip-285

New England Trip-287

New England Trip-291

We picked up dinner at a little place next to our hotel, went back to our room to eat and hit the hay. We put Isaac down to bed, enjoyed a beer, while researching what tour bus we should do the next day. Excited for the beautiful (non-rainy) day ahead of us, our last day.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Those deli pictures remind me of Rome! Such good food. Cute little espresso pot too! Now you will have it for the next 4 day outage!

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