Friday, July 26, 2013

Bike Ride to Cedar Lake

Tuesday evening I took Isaac on a bike ride. Kyle had taken him over the weekend a few times and he loved it! He has always loved it but we haven't been for a month or so.

Back track a bit to Saturday, Kyle took me for a run. Which I did pretty good, ran 1.2, walked .5, ran another .5 or so. I have been TERRIBLE at running since before I had Isaac. It's just not easy anymore, when I am given the option of running or taking a shower I usually take a shower because it's been a day or so since the last one and if I choose running instead then it'd be another day or so for a shower... which would NOT be a good smell. Anyway, needless to say it'd been a while since I ran...

Okay back to Tuesday, my legs were already sore from the run a few days prior and riding the bike while pushing a stroller wasn't the best feeling. I had packed up the sand toys with the intention of going to Cedar Lake Beach, which is just about a mile on the bike trail from our house. I made it to the corner of Cedar Lake and had ever intention of turning around and going home. The Beach was still a ways south of the point we were and I had to go all the way BACK home. And I didn't want to miss Kyle getting home from work. Well with some encouragement from Kyle I decided just to bike on to the beach. Which I'm glad I did because it wasn't as far as I was thinking. (I did time it on the way home, took us 20 minutes... not too shabby and why I LOVE where we live! Granted it's not an ocean beach, but still a beach)

So we unloaded our sand toys and got busy.
cedarlake beach-1

cedarlake beach-2

cedarlake beach-3

cedarlake beach-4

cedarlake beach-5

Here's a cute little video. His "ya" 's are so pronounced but he was saying them so soft to me since I had the video camera rolling.

I had packed an extra set of clothes just in case he wanted to get wet. When we were done in the sand I suggested washing our feet off in the water... well he wanted to get IN the water so the extra clothes came in handy.

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