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New England Trip: Cape Cod (Days 3 & 4; Fri/Sat)

Thursday evening was spent just visiting and relaxing. Friday, Isaac awoke bright and early. We attempted a walk down to the beach but got stopped mid-way with a sudden down pour. Isaac had a blast exploring the new surroundings. Loving the bunny and their little yorkie, Stud.

Once we waited out the rain a bit we did manage to get a walk to the beach in. We didn't get our suits on, just wanted to walk in the sand for a bit. Isaac enjoyed seeing the ocean and feeling the sand in his toes. He also loved the construction truck!
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We had to make a trip to the Christmas Tree Shopps! I remembered this from my time there before and had to make another visit and show Kyle. Just a fun little knick-knacky, better than dollar store but dollar store prices shop. Not just Christmas Tree's as Kyle thought.

After a quick shop trip we had a late lunch early dinner at a little place called Spanky's near the Harbor of Hyannis. We ordered the famous 'steamers' as our appetizer. Patty warned us they weren't her favorite but that it's something you have to try once. Which we will only try once.
New England Trip-101

New England Trip-100

Our view from our restaurant seats.
New England Trip-099

I ordered the stuffed Quahog (aka large clam) and a cup of clam chowder. Which were both YUMMY!
New England Trip-102

Then we walked up along the harbor.
New England Trip-103

That was pretty much our Friday. Saturday the weather was a little warmer and allowed us to get suited up for the beach! I was excited for Isaac to actually get in the ocean. He loves water and says "sssssss" when he see's it. Which he got from our fire engine book, when they spray the water hoses it says "sssss".

But before the beach we did get to play with the bunny in the yard.
New England Trip-105

New England Trip-110

He loved watching the cars trucks go by. He wouldn't pay any attention if it was a car or an SUV, but when a truck went by he would point and say "yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh"
New England Trip-114

They had the road closed at the end of Patty's street for the past 8 months or so. They ended up opening it Friday probably for the weekend, then they closed it a little on Monday again to finish up the work on it. So the first few days there wasn't much traffic going by, then over the weekend there was and Isaac enjoyed all the different trucks that went by.
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During nap time, Patty suggested we go for a drive up to the town and have some couple time. We took it! We stopped in to grab lunch at another little harbor restaurant: Baxter's. The place was packed and since it was raining the outdoor seating wasn't an option, we grabbed our food to go (another lobster roll, heehe). It was actually good we did because Patty had thought they had an event to attend that evening but turned out it was the afternoon so they had to run to their neighbors for it. We got back to the house and ate our lunch there while Isaac finished up his nap. After nap he made sure to check on the bunny.
New England Trip-130

Then we went for a walk up to Main Street. We didn't bring a stroller because we had a carrier, so I popped Isaac on my back and we mossied on up the mile walk.... only to get rained on twice. We even checked the radar before we left. We had dinner at a crappy little mexican restaurant, but it was actually good to have a change of ____ for at least one meal.

In the evening we played around the yard, Isaac playing football with the boys, which he loved!
New England Trip-131

With the neighbor friend:
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New England Trip-133

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New England Trip-135

Patty has a little cottage she rents out by her beach house. This weekend she happened to be hosting her oldest daughter's boss and his family. They had a little girl that was 2, which Isaac really enjoyed playing with. They were so cute together. She was there Friday night and Isaac had gone to bed early, she would say "sssshhhh Isaac is sleeping". Too cute. Well Saturday night she came back over to give him a present real quick. We had were getting ready to hop in the bath, but he played with the bracelet for a bit. It was so sweet of her.
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