Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vegas Trip: Day 1

Friday, April 22nd
I'm not sure if I can even count this as Vegas trip day one.... as it was more of just a snippet of a day.

We arrived to the airport early, per Kyle's request. Our good friend, Michelle, drove us as to help us save some money on parking and since she was watching Harpo for the weekend she took him as well. So he got to ride to the airport with us :-)

So we got there about 3:00 or 3:15 for our 5:00 flight. We made our way to the gate and I found THIS!!!!
cold feet, warm thoughts snoopy

I was so surprised because I thought I looked all over this airport when we were here over Christmas/New Years... but I didn't look good enough, this was sitting right in front of our gate.

So we found a seat, snacked on some munchies, and played on our phones.
airport cheez it

Then about 4:30 a lady steps up to the check-in desk and gets on the overhead announcing that our flight has been delayed to 7:00..... ahhh bummer! We had just talked about how we were happy to be taking a direct flight this time and avoiding the 6 hours we had to spend in an airport last trip.... :-( what a kick in the butt! So instead of having the whole evening in vegas we were now set to arrive around 8:00 or 9:00. We watched a netflix movie on my phone, ate dinner at the restaurant and tried to pass the time to the best of our abilty.

Turns out we didn't get off the ground until almost 8:00pm (central)... putting our arrival time in Vegas about 9:15pm (western)... making for a very exhausting evening of waiting!

The reason our flight was delayed was because of some mechanical issue that was getting fixed on a plane the day before. The part didn't come in and that plane was scheduled for various departures throughout the airline, so without that plane in play - a few flights had to suffer as they switched things around. Unfortunately one was ours :-(

Once we were on the plane, I was a little... okay VERY sad that I was missing daylight flying time. The sun was QUICKLY fading although we were chasing it.
arrival airplane view 1

It didn't last long
arrival airplane view 2

arrival airplane view 3

And quickly everything was dark, which made flying into Vegas more interesting, I guess, as we saw lots of lights. But we didn't know what we were looking at. I was sad to not get to see the mountains and desert as we flew in.

Finally about 9:30 we landed! And as soon as we stepped off the plane walk way thing, there were slot machines!
LV airport slots

We made our way through the big airport to ground transport
welcome to las vegas

And stood on the sidewalk waiting for a shuttle to take us to our hotel.
LV airport

Once we got to our hotel we were exhausted. Even though it was 10:00 Vegas time, our bodies felt like it was midnight. We decided to just hit the sack so we'd have lots of energy to explore the next day.

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