Friday, May 27, 2011

16-19 week photos

Week 16
16/52 airport cheez it
Minneapolis Airport, just enjoying a snack as we wait for our delayed plane to take off for our weekend in Vegas. I loved this little box of Cheez-Its because it was mini!!

Week 17
17/52 bellagio fountain
We spent the beginning of this week in Vegas!! This was probably my favorite part, the Bellagio Fountains! So fun to just stand and watch the water move to the music. the Cirque show we saw that night was pretty amazing as well.

Week 18
18/52 bedroom window stairs
We got the remaining five windows replaced in our house. Everything is coming together! We've been taking it room by room, next up is the basement... then that leaves the two bedrooms on the main level, the bathroom, and the kitchen!

Week 19
19/52 big tulip
I love spring! And watching all the little surprises pop up and bring a splash of color into our world which had been white for so many months. I just couldn't believe how big the head of this tulip had gotten. We've had a lot of rain this spring and some storms which blew the tops off of all my flowers shortly after this was taken.

I'm starting week 21 tomorrow, I haven't taken picture 20 off my camera yet, but I'll get caught up soon enough :-)

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