Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Windows!

We now have a house with all new windows (except the basement) and new exterior doors!!! We got our first three new windows in June of 09 (I just realized all my pictures are gone from that old post... add that to my list of things to do). We got our new doors last summer, here are the two posts about it One and Two.

So to complete our window project we had 5 remaining windows. One in the front bedroom, two in the back bedroom, and two in our upstairs bedroom.
Here are the before's:
back bedroom
office w1 before

front bedroom
GR w before

And the afters of those
front bedroom
GR w after

outside of other back window
office w2 outside after

Here are the two upstairs befores
bedroom w1 before bedroom w2 before

There was a bit of an issues with these windows upstairs. Whoever put them in before, just slapped up some trim, over the drywall that was just sitting on the plaster behind it....
bedroom window drywall

Which wasn't so good for keeping drafts out, and wasn't very pretty. This problem caused our window guy to be delayed and have to come back another day.
bedroom window stairs

They were hoping to be able to just put a piece of cord trim over that, but he actually had to make all new trim. Here are the windows finished.
bedroom w2 after bedroom w1 after

They look MUCH better. Of course I'll have to post another AFTER picture, once we get the trim painted white. I have the holes filled and sanded, we just need to paint soon :-)

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