Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vegas Day 4

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast, I think just in our hotel restaurant. Then we went over to NYNY & MGM. We had found that the casinos had $5 tables in the morning verses at night these went up to $10 & $25 tables, so we were liking the early morning betting better than any late night gambling.
D4 vegas strip

The days before we had tried to see the lions at MGM. There is a cage that they hang out in during the day... but I believe they aren't out until 11am, and go in before 7 or something... Anyway we had missed them EVERY TIME we were there. Well today we got to see them, finally. But they were SLEEPING with their trainers. WTF!?!
D4 MGM lions 1

D4 MGM lions 2

After being at MGM for a bit we decided to go for a walk down the strip. On our way out we checked out the lion's den again... YEAH! They were up and playing... but the people were still in there :-/ doesn't make for great pictures.
D4 MGM lions 3

D4 MGM lions 4

We walked down the east side of the strip and I saw this outside of a little shop! This was so funny to me because in my work I am ALWAYS blowing bubbles... now if only I had this little gaget to do it for me, lol.
D4 bubble butt

We went into M&M world.
D4 m&m world 1

D4 m&m world 2

Then walked a little further down and turned back and walked up the other side of the street.
Here's M&M world from the other side of the street.
D4 m&m world outside

We spent some time wondering and some time on roulette in the casinos. Then for dinner we had plans to see the Tournament of Kings at our hotel: the Excalibur. This is just like Medievl Times, like we went to in Atlanta many moons ago. It's dinner and a show. On our way to the show, we passed a COIN DOZER!
D4 coin dozer

This was really funny because before we went to Vegas I said "I want to find a coin dozer"... Kyle said "there aren't going to be any coin dozer in Vegas!" lol But we FOUND one! It was in the arcade in the basement of our hotel. I put in a quarter hoping to push over some and get some quarters.... but it turns out the machine gives you tickets, which caused my interest in it to immediately diminish, lol.

The dinner and show was fun, just like they are... corny & fun.
D4 tournament of kings

After the show we had a coupon for a restaurant in Mandalay Bay for a free shot of Jamenson with a purchase of a pint of Guinness... Well since we were at Mandalay Bay the day before and planned to use it until I realized it said "Only valid after 11pm" we had to choose another night to use it. So we didn't really have anything better to do so we walked up to the monorail (free) that runs between Mandalay Bay & Excalibur... as we were walking I said, wouldn't it be funny if it closed at 10:30, lol. We get up there and it closes at 11pm HAHAHA luckily we were able to catch the last ride. But this meant we'd have to walk back.

We used the coupon, then walked back toward our hotel. We had to go through the Luxor again since it was between where we were and our hotel. Here's a view of the Luxor from the inside, it's the pyramid looking casino.
D4 luxor inside

It was late and we were ready for bed!

At this point of the trip we were happy the next day was our last day. There's only so much to do in Vegas :-P

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