Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Las Vegas Day 2

Well our first full day we woke up to a bright-sunny-blue sky! This was the view from our room.

D2 room view

The plan for the day was to do some exploring. Our casino wasn't too exciting so we never really spent much time in it. Besides the castle theme, all else was pretty much junk.
D2 inside excalibur

We had breakfast at a little restaurant in our hotel, then we began our exploring outside. Leaving our hotel: Excalibur
D2 excalibur casino entrance

We first walked over to New York New York, which in the end, ended up being my favorite hotel/casino!

I had to get a picture of this as we have this very same plant in our dining room!
D2 our plant

I got some good pictures of our hotel from across the street. And we could also see the mountains way off in the distance! It was a beautiful day!
D2 mountains

D2 excalibur 2

We looked around NYNY for a bit, I played some $5 roulette, I think we also played some black jack. I got a picture of my chips since I didn't want to keep one of the big ones as a souvenir. I did keep $1 chip though :-)
D2 NYNY chips

Once finished in NYNY we headed across the other street (caddy-corner from our hotel) to MGM grand.

We did a little more exploring and played a few slot machines.
D2 Kyle at slots

And my favorite: roulette! (since we're not supposed to take pictures of the tables, I found one out of use to capture real quick!)
D2 roulette table

I got a picture of our MGM chips as well :-)
D2 MGM chips

We left MGM and headed across the OTHER street to Tropicana. We didn't go in tropicana, just used it as a short cut to return to Excalibur. Notice the lovely astroturf!
D2 astroturf

I got another view of NYNY

After our walking, we decided to head to the pool after lunch (I can't remember where we ate lunch this day...
D2 by the pool

After a little rest and relaxation, we got dressed for the evening and started our long trek down to the Bellagio. We had tickets to see a Circ de Soleil that evening "O" and was playing at the Bellagio. Even though on a map it looked like it was only a few blocks down, since all the hotel/casino's were HUGE these were VERY long blocks!

Of course we had to pass NYNY again to head north, and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
D2 brooklyn bridge

We witnessed a hot dog eating contest as we passed through. We saw so much on our walk. Here's Planet Hollywood:
D2 planet hollywood

Here was a cool Harley Store:
D2 harley store

We walked through the Cosmopolitan, it was pretty!
D2 inside cosmo

There was a cool clothing store in the Cosmo with these sewing machines in the display window
D2 cosmo shop

We were getting soooo close! As we neared the Bellagio we saw the adjacent hotel: Paris!
D2 Paris

D2 Eiffel tower daylight

There we were, we finally arrived at our destination!
D2 bellagio

D2 bellagio daisy kyle

We arrived at the end of a water show, so we stayed to see the next show which was just about 20 minutes later.
D2 bellagio fountain 1

D2 bellagio fountain 2

D2 bellagio fountain 3

It was SOOOO cool! My favorite part of vegas! It was so fun watching the water dance to music!!!! We even saw a little duck family
D2 bellagio duck family

That evening we had dinner reservations at Olives, which we could see from the sidewalk.
D2 bellagio olives

We made our way inside to explore. I knew I wanted to see the jelly fish ceiling and the conservatory I had read about. But first we picked up our tickets for the show at will-call.
D2 bellagio O sign

D2 bellagio jellyfish 1

D2 bellagio jellyfish 2

D2 bellagio conservatory 1

The conservatory was beautiful!
D2 bellagio conservatory tulip 1 D2 bellagio conservatory tulip 2

D2 bellagio conservatory 2

D2 bellagio conservatory tree

D2 bellagio conservatory art

We did gamble a little at the Bellagio, which the dealers there were ROUGH! yikes, we quickly decided against further betting which caused us to find other things to do with our time until our dinner reservation.

We decided to watch another water show
D2 bellagio fountain 4 song 2

And saw another duck family!
D2 bellagio duck family 2

Then walked next door to Casear's Palace and enjoyed a nice cold beverage!
D2 drinks at caesars palace

Walked back to the Bellagio for another fountain show :-) I sure did like watching them!
D2 bellagio fountain 5 song 3

It was only about 20 minutes before our reservation so we decided to go ahead and go to the restaurant. We had an amazing dinner! I had a squash ravioli and Kyle had some amazing chicken! It was magnificent!!!

Then we headed to the show, with a little slot playing to pass the time. There was a little museum of Circ de Soleil inspired sculptures.
D2 bellagio O art 1

D2 bellagio O art

Then it was time for us to find our seats! We were so excited!! And happy to be ready to rest. They don't really have any benches anywhere unless in front of a slot machine and we had done a lot of walking all afternoon! I snuck over and got a picture of the ceiling as we couldn't see it from our seats.
D2 bellagio O auditorium ceiling

And since there was no photography during the show.... this is all I can show you
D2 bellagio let the O begin

The show was fanastic!!!!

I'll pick up after the show in my next blog :-)

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