Tuesday, May 3, 2011

14/52 & 15/52

I'm trying to get caught up here with my weekly photos. I've taken one each week, but I don't have them all off my camera. I'll get caught up some day :-)

Here is 14/52
14/52 UofM sign
This picture has a story to it... I actually had been wanting to take my camera to work to get pictures of the two peanut characters on this campus, before me move over across the river at the end of this month. Well I brought my camera and as I was snapping a picture of Charlie it dawned on me that I think I already captured the two peanuts here. And yup sure enough I got online, checked my website, and there they were. Darn it! But I had my camera with me so I needed to make use of it and get a picture for the week. So as I left work I just got a picture of the sign out front. Yeah real exiting, I know :-P

And you already saw this photo but here it is officially in my project.

15/52 hyacinth
Photo 15/52
The early bloomer: Hyacinth. It's such a joy every spring seeing my bulbs pop through the freshly revealed earth (after almost 6 months of being covered in snow). The Hyacinth is always the first pop of color I get to see, after the green leaves of course. This is the third year of enjoying watching this exact flower bloom, aren't plants amazing! And it's always these two in the back that bloom before the hyacinths in a few inches in front of it.

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