Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow, I just dropped of the face of the earth with my Vegas story, huh? Sorry bout that. Since I work every other weekend, time seems to fly by fast... and even though I have every morning to get things done... that is also when I get EVERYTHING done :-) laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, watch my TiVo'd nightly shows (there aren't many, but I gotta squeeze em in).

I promise I haven't forgotten about finishing our vegas story, I am actually working on getting day 3 pictures gone through right now and hope to blog tonight if we have a slow night at work, otherwise they will be ready for me to do tomorrow. I also have a few other things to blog about on my 'To-do' list.
  • We got new WINDOWS! the remaining 5!!!
  • My flower garden/beds are looking so colorful and I got some pictures of those last week to share!
  • I never blogged about our newly married getaway weekend... I totally forgot about that until just now, those pictures are on my other camera!
  • We've had contractors out for the basement, which is our project for the summer - getting it finished and adding a bathroom. Although I don't really have anything to blog about that yet, I wanted to throw it in here because it has taken up some of my time lately and eventually when the project gets rolling I'll be blogging about it :-)

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