Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5: Vegas - the flight home

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
{Edited to add photos from my phone of Kyle and I}

The bad thing about this taking me so long to blog about is I have kinda forgotten what we did, unless I have the pictures that spark the memories... oops.

Tuesday morning we woke up and had appointments to get massages. We laid by the pool waiting for our spa appointment. It was CHILLY! Too chilly to be laying out. But the spa thing didn't work out, more on this in a different post, but it kinda killed our plans for the morning. So we went back to the room and packed everything up. We had already decided to leave our bags with the bell hops until it was time to head to the airport, so we did just that.

Then we went over to NYNY and MGM, did a little roulette here and there I think and then wondered around MGM.
D5 MGM daisy kyle

D5 daisy kyle MGM

There were people handing out 'free tickets' and we were looking for something to do so we stopped to chat. It was a television show screening session they were holding. It was free and we could get coupons for free stuff. We had nothing better to do so decide to par-take in it. The show was bout 45 minutes and we were to take a survey. I actually like taking surveys :-)

We ended up watching a show called 'Hail Mary', with Minnie Driver. It was a pilot (which are never good anyway) but it was fun watching a show that could possibly be released in a few seasons. Once this was finished it was time to head to the airport. These were along the walls, various places so I had to snap a few photos
D5 airport mpls wall

Notice our hotel on the Vegas wall!
D5 airport vegas

We arrived early enough because we knew there were slot machines there and we had heard that people have really good luck prior to heading out, so we saved a $20 each and played a little, which actually lasted us a LONG time, an hour maybe. Then we cashed out our $20 and called it good.

We had dinner, then I enjoyed taking some photos of the mountain view from within the airport.
D5 mountains from airport 1

D5 mountains from airport 4

D5 mountains from airport 3

D5 mountains from airport 2

Once we finally boarded the plane, I got some more photos of the strip
D5 strip view from airplane

D5 Luxor view from airplane

I thought this was funny and fit our 'Excalibur castle' theme
D5 airplane sign

Then we were up in the air!
D5 in the air

It was so exciting flying over the mountains. I was SOOO hoping we were able to see the Grand Canyon. We did see a lake, which later I looked up and it's Lake Mead. Which I think you can tell that it's low by looking at that white line
D5 lake mead

Then THERE it was!!!
D5 grand canyon airview 1 WM

D5 grand canyon airview 3 WM

My eyes were glued out the window it was so breathtaking!
D5 grand canyon airview 2 WM

The farther east we flew the quicker the sun went away, but I did get to see some pretty cool colors.
D5 setting sun colors

We were lucky enough to have a friend bring us to the airport, so we just took a cab home at 11:30pm... which was actually cheaper than parking for those 4 days. AND the best thing was, Harpo was home waiting for us! Our friends had dropped him off earlier that evening, it was so nice coming home to him and boy did he miss us!

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