Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Resort Map

Alright, not sure if you can see that very well, but we stayed in the red pod numbered 74. And here i'll tell you where we ate each night:

Tuesday dinner: #7 "Iztapalapa" Mexican Buffet
Wednesday breakfast: #5 "Festival", lunch: #7 "Iztapalapa", dinner: #4 "El Gaucho" Steak house (reservation)
Thursday breakfast: #5 "festival", lunch was on our chichen itza trip, dinner: #6 "Piemonte" Italian Buffet
Friday breakfast: #5 "festival", lunch was on cozumel, dinner: #5 "Festival"
Saturday: Breakfast #10 "Riviera" Lunch #5 "festival" Dinner: #3 "Le Gourmet" French restaurant (reservation)
Sunday: Breakfast #7 "Iztapalapa" lunch at the cancun airport

So when we arrived we were given blue bracelets, these never left our wrist and they are also what we had to show when we took taxi rides back into the resort. My brother was asking how they new we were there to get food, I never noticed them checking our bracelets for dinner, but they probably did. There are so many resorts and they are pretty spread out so there wasn't really any 'outsiders' walking around the resort.

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