Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 2: April 22nd 2009 - Wednesday

Day 2! Wake up we go and make our two reservations at the guest services desk in the meeting point. Then we head off to breakfast at "Festival" (which is the restaurant located between the meeting point at the "iztapalapa"... I'll just have to make a separate post so you can follow along... I know you'll want to mom, hee hee)

They had hot chocolate and the best coffee Kyle has every had!!! MMMMMM so good. I had hot chocolate every morning... it's different than American hot chocolate... I had actually had it once before with Josh's friend Avery when I was visiting California in May 07. Anyway we had mexican eggs, and a mullet (which was beans and cheese on a little bread thingy, good!)

Back to the hotel to toast our airborne for the day (gotta stay healthy!) then we headed to the beach!

We went snorkeling for a little bit. The resort provides the gear, but there's really not much to see locally, just sand and shells. Kyle said it was good practice for him since he'd never used snorkeling gear before.

Then we baked in the sun for a bit (although we were very conservative with the sun screen so we didn't get that much sun, but it's better than getting burnt) and talked with a family from Boston while having a pina colada. I got a picture with a tucan... which you won't see because we didn't want to buy the picture for $11. But we have the memory :-) .... it turns out our boston friend DID capture a picture with our camera, lol. The photographer in the yellow shirt kept saying "no, no you can not take your own picture", lol, but we got it!

We had lunch at "Iztapalapa" mmmmm our favorite thing was the guacamole and pico salsa!! It was crazy how the birds were just flying about enjoy lunch with us.

While eating lunch we enjoyed watching the aqua aerobics class in the pool. Nancy - we thought of you :-)

We walked around the resort a little bit, meeting new friends:

And stopped to look at the mini ruins that were on the resort grounds.

Then we decided to walk the beach to Playa del Carmen. It was about a 45 minute walk, I outlined our walk on the map below:

Our resort is the last one there on the map. There were resorts south of us, but outside of the little 'playcar' community.

We walked the beach for a while before it became private property then we had to cut back into a little back street. There were big mounds that looked like rocks along parts of the beach but they were just really big sand bags. Probably to break the waves for errosion control.

It seemed like forever before we finally made it into town, boy were we HOT! We walked the streets a bit looking at the stores and street vendors. Bought hats for our burning heads. We constantly heard "Hey honeymooners! Would you like to buy...." "Hey lucky man, hey you want cigar, it's cuban!" It was so funny, I guess they could just tell we were in love because we heard that from every other vendor the whole trip! lol... and Kyle must have looked like he really wanted a cigar cuz they always asked him, it was humerous. We bought a few little souviners and were on our way. Called a taxi and had it take us back to our resort.

Then we relaxed by the pool, we were so hot we started in the shade, then I got really cold so we moved to the sun lol. While swimming in the pool in between and enjoying some maragritas.

Then on the way back to the room we stopped to book our Chichen Itza tour for the next day and a Cozumel Jeep/Snorkel tour for Friday and then headed back to the room to get ready for our reservation at "El Gaucho" steak house. We both had fillet migons, mine was better than Kyle's but he didn't know that till we were both finished and he ate the rest of mine saying "BOY yours is good! That's how it should taste, mine was tough" lol. We weren't too impressed with the first 'reservation restaurant' it was rather dark in the room and our waitress was slow. We ended up leaving before dessert.

After dinner we were super tired and just headed back to the room, relaxed a little on the balcony and watched an older drunk guy fall into a bush and his wife pee on herself laughing and yelling "I can't stop peeing"... yeah that made us ready for bed, glad we weren't them the next day. Oh that night our remote broke and we called room service, Euseva came came and fix it right away.

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