Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 6 - April 26th 2009 Sunday our last day :-(

This was our last day in mexico, we were to meet the shuttle at 11:00 for our 2:45 flight.
First we went and had our last breakfast, here is my view of the beach from our breakfast seats:

And this was Kyle's view:

Here Kyle is getting some food:

Then after breakfast we went and layed on the beach until the last possible minute. We did not want to leave this relaxing heaven... but we knew we had to, we both had to be at work the next day :-(

There were always people working around the resort, it was pretty early in the morning and this guy was raking the beach and picking up any little pieces of trash.

We got to watch the little sand swallows hop around, they were so cute.

It was time for us to check out and wait on our shuttle to the airport, here were are in the lobby, we did a cross word puzzle for a little bit but it was making us both very tired.

Here we are at the Cancun Airport, our line was pretty long, but we had lots of time. It went pretty quickly.

After we got through security and only had one thing confiscated (a bottle of vanilla I got for a friend that I forgot to put in my checked bag, gurg!) we ate at this Air Margarittaville... rather expensive, but we were STARVING!

My battery camera ended up dying so I did not get anymore pictures, but all we did after this was fly to Miami, go through US customs, get our checked back and check it again (this time putting the vanilla we bought at the mexico airport in the checked bag) and head to our gate. The miami airport is VERY boring and not very impressive, we wished we were at the Dallas airport where they have free internet :-)
Well that's the end of our wonderful honeymoon, hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing our pictures :-)

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