Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Part 2: Day 4: April 24th 2009 - Friday Snorkeling

We drive through the young jungle a little ways to the south west corner of the island for where we are going to go snorkeling. It was called Playa SanFrancisco. I took a picture into Kyle's sun glasses cuz you could see the beautiful clouds reflecting in them.

Here's the South Carolina Jeep family behind us.

We had to drive just a little ways to get to where we were parking to snorkel.

We arrived, This palm tree has some big coconuts.

Getting our gear on, yeah we look pretty funny! The life jackets have a little knob on the side you push down and blow into it to get air in it then just push it down to let the air out. I started with air in mine, but it was hard to sink down and get good pictures so I ended up just letting it all out, I think Kyle did the same.

Here are our underwater pictures! They really don't give justice to what our naked eye saw! This first picture, you can see red, that's a sea urchin, SO COOL! There's another picture of one, but you can't really tell.

I think this is the other sea urchin, they hid under rocks.
We're done, once we make it back to shore the other group had arrived and there were about 20 people or so it seemed like. Glad we got to do it in a small group. We went back and took a shower to wash off the salt water... ever seen Sex and the City the Movie?? Well I pulled a Charlotte... boy is that water taste GROSS, I didn't swallow any and luckily it didn't have the same affect on me as it had on her, but it was so yucky! We got some dry clothes on and hopped back into the jeep, Sergio drove us back to downtown where we'd have an hour to walk around before meeting the other tour guides to get back on the ferry.

Here we had $1 cervesas and relaxed. It was funny cuz as we were walking the streets again all we heard was "hey honeymooners! wanna look in my store?" lol it was so funny oh and we heard a lot of cuban cigar comments again.
Back on the ferry, main deck this time. We each took a siesta so it wasn't as bad of a ride!
evening - to be continued......

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