Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 5: April 25th 2009 - Saturday

We slept in a little this morning... not much though and headed off to desayuno (breakfast) at a different place. The "Riviera" buffet. It was pretty much the same but they had bagels... but once I touch it and tasted it it wasn't the normal bagels we have in the states... it was more just bread that looked like bagels. We then went to try and see the FunJet guy to figure out what time we needed to meet the next day for our airport shuttle... but of course he wasn't there as usually so we'd have to come back.

Off to lay on the beach. We were wanting to ride the kayaks today... but it was so windy (remember it was suppose to 'storm') that they didn't have them out today. But we did play in the waves pretty much ALL morning it was fun. Picking up shells with my toes, Kyle LOVED jumping into the waves!! Kyle also got talked to by some American family asking "so did you win last night" Lol I told Kyle... "see now you're famous!" :-)

I got a really good picture of a wave knocking Kyle over, but I guess it didn't come out :-( Our bodies were covered in sand and salt, I had sand all in my swimsuit and salt water up my nose, in my ears and my mouth... so we showered off and headed to the pool to lay out for a bit (in the shade) before lunch. Isn't he a sweet husband rubbing lotion on my legs :-) I was hoping to do the aqua gym at noon... but it never took place. So instead we had a few mojitos and margaritas.

Then we ate lunch at "Festival" and had some good pasta... better than the italian buffet dinner place! And we met some more friends:
We looked into checking out some bicycles to rent, and headed back to the room to change and we ended up taking a deep siesta...Then our remote broke AGAIN! Then went back to the bicycle place and none of them had baskets so we just decided to walk to this little plaza place not far down the road from our resort. First checking to see if the Funjet guy was there, but he wasn't he was taking his own little siesta I guess. Here are pictures of the front of our resort.

And here we are at the little plaza place getting the last of our souvenirs.

After our walk we finally caught up with the funjet/lamos travel guy to figure out when to meet our shuttle the next day and headed back to the beach to lay out for a bit and play in the waves again. And have a few more mojitos and margaritas :-)

A drunken group of Canadians were next to us, she wanted to take our picture for us.

We ate dinner at our second (last) reservation place: "Le Gourmet" which was a french cuisine. Kyle's first four course meal! It was REALLY good. Kyle had soup (see below) and then a salad, while he had his salad I had this yummy crab thing. Then his entry was fillet menion (sp?) and mine was some pork loin which I didn't really care for, but then dessert was yummy I had a creme bruele.

Then we mossie-ed around waiting for 9:30 so we could go to the show... then we were wondering why nothing was going on in the little meeting area.. and went to the theater early about 9:00 and found out that the show actually started at 8:30!!! It was Michael Jackson night so it was basically just an hour concert of Michael Jackson. It was actually pretty impressive... and the video the played between set changes kinda made us wish we would have went to one of his concerts before he went crazy... it made me think of Josh when he had his silver glove out :-)

Then off to bed! Our remote was working when we got back to our room YIPEE! And there was a note for Mr. & Mrs Simpson and Post (lol it was funny how they put both our last names) anyway just thanking us for coming and had a comment card in it. We watched a little Jaws on TV, ordered a sandwich from room service cuz I was a little hungry (my pork loin wasn't the best, so I didn't eat much of it at dinner) When I ordered room service I was asking Kyle what he'd want if he happen to want to share and he said "I do not want anything! I am full, I will not eat any of it!" LOL sure enough as I was eating he asks "can I have just a little?" with a big puppy dog face, it was funny! It was our last night in Mexico :-(

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