Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Thursday Field Day May 12th

 These were from the morning, before Thomas's last day of CDO. He didn't want to hi the coffee shop so we came home in that 30 minutes time slot between big kid drop off and his drop off. Noticed these beautiful roses on the side of our house. I haven't cared for these bushes one bit since we've lived here, well besides laying new mulch a couple weeks ago. But they were so pretty!

After I dropped Thomas off I had volunteered for the morning shift at field day at the kids' school. Isaac's class was out during that time (as was our neighbor in Kindergarten below). The girl's session was in the afternoon but since I picked Thomas up at 1:30 I didn't volunteer for the entire day.

I ran the jump rope station, got LOTS of pictures of kiddos that I shared on our parent's FB group, but here's what I captured of Isaac and his partner Zuri. 

I was excited to see a make-shift gaga ball pit, this is one of Isaac's favorite games to play!

After I got Thomas we did go back with my drone to get some fun shots, I was able to say hi to Mary, but I think Emma was inside at the inflatable obstacle course when we dropped in. It was at this point I made sure Mary had put on the sunscreen I gave her earlier in the day. She assured me she had put it on her shoulders... however she missed her back and ended up with a nasty sunburn :-( 

Emma's teacher is so good about sharing photos of her class! Here's Emma's class in their jersey's for Jersey day on field day. The 2nd grade class has been having a reverse alphabet countdown to the last day of school with each letter of the day giving a theme. 

And some more of Emma from field day that I got from our FB group

And here's my drone footage, fun to take these and make a video, still working on my skills. 

And the video I put together:

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