Friday, May 13, 2022

First week of May Miscellaneous

This was actually Saturday April 30th. Early morning soccer after the tornados the night before. I coached Thomas's game at 8:00am and Emma's game was immediately following at 9. 

Cleaning up the yard, burning some wood and having a s'mores bonfire. 

This was the first of 3(4) visits starting to process to remove his braces. Quick visit this morning, they put spaces in on the bottom to make space to take a mold for the bottom retainer to go in. 

We got lots of rain that first week of May, chickens are too funny. 

Neighbor kids playing in the rain water! We have 16 kids on our block! Four at our house, 3 at Beryl's, 2 at Amy's and then across the street they have 7 kids (maybe even 8)! 

Playground play after the final BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Wichita BSF has been such an anchor for my soul the past 2.5 years :-) I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the leadership team. 

Afternoon visit to Exploration place with our neighbor Beryl and Rosti. 


Thomas loved the skeet ball in the new health exhibit.

We had some people working on some exterior trim so they were in the backyard, we had to take Harpo on walks, kids loved it. We should do this more often, doesn't take much to wear him out. 

Photo from school, Isaac learning from the Kansas African American Museum. 

2nd visit that following Wednesday, they used a camera to scan for the mold. 

More rain, more shots of the funny chickens trying to hide from it instead of just going in their run! 

Thursday May 5th - our final coffee date before CDO (Child's Day Out). However I earned a free coffee during this visit so we'll be back next week, lol. Just no more CDO. Masks aren't being worn by many but for some reason Thomas wanted to wear one this day. 

Beryl and I doing the garage sale outside on Friday May 6th, we wondered where the boys were, found them inside. :-) 

We had a garage sale at our house Friday through Sunday. My neighbor Beryl had some of their stuff in it too, phew it was exhausting. Friday we sold SO much! It was busy pretty much the entire day. Saturday was a little slower but still steady. Sunday... Mother's Day... we should have just cancelled, it was not worth it. Friday we were freezing in jackets and by Sunday it had gotten hot and sticky. But overall glad we had it, felt good to get rid of stuff and then I took two big loads to donate. Onward to the move!

The kids had a lemonade and fuse bead sale 

Saturday night we went to Chicken N Pickle for dinner and Andy's for dessert. We're taking turns letting people pick where we go out to eat each weekend to get in our favorite Wichita specific spots (places we CAN'T get in Minnesota) so maybe not 100% local, but not something up north. Last weekend it was Bubba's for Isaac, then Emma picked Old Spaghetti Factory for her birthday.  Kyle's choice was Andy's frozen custard. 


Sunday, Isaac has been taught a new chore. We stopped the lawn service once we knew we were moving... it's such a hassle doing it all ourselves but helpful to recruit a kid. Mary was following behind with the leaf blower.


Me and Beryl, Happy Mother's Day!

The chickens were such a blessing to watch during the garage sale, everyone LOVED them and of course I was happy to share everything I knew about them <3 They did good with the gate open, they didn't come over to where we were set up just wandered around the yard. 

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