Wednesday, May 11, 2022

School Wide Family Trip to the Zoo

 April 27th, 2022 Wednesday 

The kids' school had a field trip day. There were multiple schools in the area that went (not all so it wasn't packed) and I'm not sure they shut down the zoo for us, but there was lots of construction so glad we got a field trip price admission cuz a lot of exhibits were closed. But it was really fun. We drove our family there, then met up with the school, the kids had a designated program to attend and attendance was taken so we had to check in. Emma and Isaac choose to stay with their class and explore the zoo together while Mary wanted to come with Thomas, Kyle, and I. 

The school kids had a scavenger hunt to fill out. They have been studying Africa all year and they needed to find three animals from Africa, a mammal, a bird, and a reptile/amphibian. 

The turtle above was our reptile/amphibian and this giraffe was our mammal. 

Mary joined her class for the classroom experience (family and siblings not allowed) so the three of us took a walk out to the gorillas. 

Next up was lunch. We had brought our lunch so Kyle ran to the car to get it, the kids all got a school lunch. Well Emma packed her own lunch. I didn't get many pictures of Isaac cuz he was off with his class. But here's one from lunch, lol. 

We met up at the front gate at 1:00 for check in and dismissal. Kids either rode the bus back to school or we could sign ours out and stay at the zoo. We didn't end up staying cuz we were all exhausted. 

The rest are photos shared our our family/school facebook page. Emma's teacher is really good about taking and sharing photos (she's also the head teacher for the run club which I'll post about next; she was Isaac's 2nd grade teacher when we first moved but only had her for a few weeks before Covid)

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