Thursday, May 19, 2022

More May Miscellaneous

 Trying to keep up and it seems we're in a stage of life where I take a LOT of pictures and we have a LOT going on. Saturday mornings have been full of soccer. The little boy team of Thomas and 4 year olds I've been coaching and then Emma is on a team as well. Some mornings they play at the same time 8am last week, and sometimes it's back to back 8 then 9. It has been nice to have. It done early in the day on Saturday and not take up our whole day. 

Saturday after our chicken relocation project we went out to eat for dinner then stopped at a local favorite for dessert. Frost! 


A rose from our front yard. 

Sunday evening walk. 

leads to summer knees!

Monday night soccer, squeezing in games for the final week of soccer. 

Wednesday (yesterday) Thomas had his FINAL day of preschool. Fun little celebration. 

(Video of songs go here - will add later)

Last night we had our last small group meet up at Chicken N Pickle. It's been so great to get to know some local folks through our church small group. 

Girls had their 8 year old check up today. The pediatrician we've been seeing since we moved here is also moving back to Seattle next month! Good timing. 

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