Thursday, May 19, 2022

Girls' 8th Birthday Bash

The girls had their birthday party this past Sunday. Last year Kyle and I took just the two of them here and they loved it. This year we decided to have a party there. We choose Sunday morning to try and avoid the older kid crowds. There was one other party going on so it was nice and not crowded. 

They got some skating in and some play house playing in. 

Pizza, lemonade, and root beer. 

Arcade playing 

Cupcakes and Ice cream!

More skating!

Isaac and our neighbor Soren. 

These three all share the SAME birthday! 

Busy morning, we came home and even though we said no presents of course a few girls gave them some. So they opened them back at home with Talas our neighbor friend. 

Mary was pretty worn out, her and Thomas laid down for a nap. It's a rare occasion I can get Mary to nap, but she needed it!

Then the girls got busy playing with their lego set :-) 


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