Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Girls' 8th Birthday!

 The girls turned 8 on Tuesday. I had to get one last picture of them as 7 year olds :-) 

Got the house decorated the night before. 

Everyone was up WAY early on Tuesday. So what else to do than take a trip to Krispy Kreme for hot donuts :-) 

Then they got to open one present before school. Thomas helped me wrap and wrote the name labels. 

Girls went to school, then celebration picked up where we left off once they got home about 4:30. 


Opened a couple more presents. 

Then headed to dinner. Emma picked Old Spaghetti Factory. They opened their last present which was their own 'phone', iPod really. :-) 

We noticed this later that Thomas is flexing, LOL! 

They sung happy birthday to the girls :-) 

I brought my drone to try and fly it over the water at Old Spaghetti factory, but we were in a no fly zone. So instead we drove over to Wichita State area and got some fly time in. (There's the YMCA I taught/teach at)

And a family photo :-)

Cut it short due to the high wind warning. 

Quick video from sign to the YMCA.

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