Friday, May 13, 2022

April 29th Tornados

 Well we finally had our first (not direct) encounter with a tornado since moving here. We experienced quite a few earth quakes about a year ago, but haven't had an tornado's in the area. Storms rolled in Friday evening, they didn't come through Wichita but the boys were watching the football draft and getting inturpted with weather updates so we were aware of them. Before bed they were farther north and heading north so we figured we were in the clear. Then as we were upstairs getting ready for bed we heard the tornado sirens, but they were very faint and off in the distance (They were the Andover sirens). A little while later we learned that it had touched down in Andover, just about 10 miles from our house, it hit the Andover YMCA which we have been to a number of times - not our weekly place or one that I teach at but still part of our community. It was a devastating weekend. Here are some pictures shared by our local news. 

The Andover YMCA: will have to be completely rebuilt. 

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